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Description: This page treats various works about the theological content of Revelation, either more or only one important theme. To qualify for inclusion on this page, the work must be a scholarly treatment. (30. december 1996 22:19:56)

Revelation and its Theology

Bauckham, Richard: The Climax of Prophecy. Studies on the Book of Revelation. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1993.

This book is closely connected with Bauckham's The Theology and sometimes provides the arguments or more detailed arguments to the views in The Theology, sometimes extends or develops arguments in depth. Bauckham knows both other ancient sources and contemporary research very well. It is well worth the time to study these two books.(21. december 1996 12:48:22)

Bauckham, Richard: The Theology of the Book of Revelation. (New Testament Theology). Cambridge: CUP, 1993.

Bauckham's The Theology of the Book of Revelation is a little book on the theology of Revelation. It is recommended as an introduction to the theology of Revelation. (21. december 1996 12:48:37)

Revelation and its Christology

Büchsel, F.: Die Christologie der Offenbarung Johannis. Dissertation. Halle: C.A. Kaemmerer & Co, 1907.

This is a very short dissertation on no more than around 30 pages. It has not been available to me so far. (21. december 1996 12:48:46)

Holtz, Traugott: Die Christologie der Apokalypse des Johannes. (TU, 85). Berlin, 1962.

Holtz's Christologie is one of two or three in depth researches in the Book of Revelation. Holtz accepts some results from critical works with regard to sources, redactions etc., but this book is nevertheless very valuable. (21. december 1996 12:48:52)

Hohnjec, N.: ’Das Lamm – to arnion’ in der Offenbarung des Johannes. Eine exegetisch-theologische Untersuchung. Rom, 1980.

Hohnjec's study probably is worth reading, but unfortunately I haven't been able to obtain this book yet. If any one knows how to get a copy or perhaps a photo copy - or perhaps could help me with it. feel free to do it! (21. december 1996 12:51:45)

Stuckenbruck, Loren T.: Angel Veneration and Christology: A Study in Early Judaism and in the Christology of the Apocalypse of John. (WUNT 2, 70). Tübingen: Mohr, 1995.

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